Y Style Servo Extension Cable 500mm


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Attributes of Y Style Servo Extension Cable 500mm

Product Name: Y Style Servo Extension
Compatible: Used for RC Cars, trucks, airplanes and helicopters
Wire Length: 500mm


  • High Quality Wires
  • Best Quality

Package Included:

  • 500mm extension cable

Why Y Style Servo Extension Cable is used?

Servo Extension Cable can be used to extend the leads of many common RC hobby servos. This cable has a 22-AWG wires, and both the male and female cable ends are compatible with both JR- and Futaba-style connectors, allowing it to work in either system or as an adapter between systems.

This will work as an extension cable in either system or as an adapter between systems, and it is compatible with almost all of the RC servos we sell (you can assume our servos have female JR connectors unless the servo‚Äôs product page specifically says otherwise). The connectors have gold-flashed contacts on a 0.1″ spacing. This wire is comprised of 60 strands. making this cable more flexible than standard servo cables.


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