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  • Balsa Sheet

    Balsa Sheet 915mm X 102mm

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    This Balsa Sheet is a premium quality wood for the construction of models, doll houses, bazaar crafts and so much more! Balsa wood is carefully dried in special kilns reducing the water content to leave a light wood with a high strength-to-weight ratio. The premier wood for all types of modeling projects Balsa cuts easily with a hobby knife and may be stained or painted to represent any wood type. This package contains twenty balsa wood sheets. Each sheet measures 36x3x1/16 inches. Made in the USA.

  • Monokote

    MonoKote Flexible High-Gloss Covering

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    Specification of MonoKote Covering Film 660mm Best quality Covering Film Dimensions 660mm / 36″ Size. Flat, Smooth Finish Easy to cut/craft, Description Covering Film : Easily achieve smooth, glossy finishes for your RC model project. Superior shrink and adhesion make MonoKote the easiest plastic covering film to apply. One of the most puncture- and scratch-resistant…