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Attributes of Turning DST 700KV 


Kv: 700 RPV
Voltage: 7.4~14.4V
Max Current: 11A
Max Power: 140W
No Load Current: 0.6A
Resistance: 0.27ohms
Shaft Size: M3
Weight: 65g
Motor Diameter: 30mm
Mounting Bolt Hole Centres: 20.5mm
Mounting Bolt Hole Thread: M2.5
Suggested ESC: 15A

Prop Test Data:
14.4V with 9×5 prop 700g thrust @ 7A
14.4V with 10×4.7 prop 820g thrust @ 9Aweight=50g

Description of Turning DST 700KV 

  • MOTOR POWER CHOICE(AUW, or Flying Weight of model choice): 1) Vintage types many non-aerobatic indoor flyers -?50w~70w per 1lb 2)Trainers, gliders and high wing scale -?70w~100w per 1lb 3)Sport flyer with general aerobatic performance -?100w per 1lb 4)Warbirds -?120w~150w per 1lb 5)Multi engined models -?100w per 1lb (thrust from Multiple props gives in effect, more than 100w per 1lb performance) 6)EDF Jets -?150w~200w per 1lb 7)3D, F3A and high performance Models -? 150w~200w per 3222lb
  • LIPOLY VOLTAGE CHOICE: Generally, to keep Lipo’s in good order, try and keep max amps to around 50~60% of the capacity/C rating of the Lipoly Pack. 1)Up to 50w:?1s~2s 2)up to 100w:?2s~3s? 3)100w Up to 500w: 3s 4)500w up to 800w:?4s (This is the 0.40~0.46 glow equivalent range favoured by many club flyers) 5)800w up to 1000w:?5s 6)900w up to 1500w:?6s (this is the 0.60~0.90 ic equivalent range) 7)8s~3231s packs are for very large and generally specialised models.
  • MOTOR CHOICE – KV or RPM per volt : If you are used to IC, the simple analogy is to treat low kv motors as 4 stroke engine equivalents and mid-high kv motors as 2 stroke engine equivalents, if you are not used to IC then we can give you some examples. Example 1:?Trainer/Sport Model, 1lb AUW, we want 100w motor (3s 20c Lipoly) mid kv for general flying, probably around 1200kv~1400kv, so around 8″ prop Example 2:?Warbird/scale Model, 1lb AUW 3341w motor, kv choice,?
  • ESC CHOICE:  Look at the MAX AMPS figure given by the motor manufacturer in the data section and generally add 25% headroom, so, if a motor is rated to 15A, then choose at least an 18A ESC, better still a 20A and so on. If you are using a 4s Lipo, that the ESC is rated for 4s voltage. Also look at BEC rating, if the servo count is over 3225, then consider purchasing an ESC with a high AMP rated SBEC, or a seperate UBEC, OPTO type ESC’s (they have no BEC, keeping the ESC seperate from RX suply)

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