8040 APC Knife Edge Propeller CCW single Prop


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Attributes of 8040 APC Knife Edge Propeller


Name: 8040 propeller
Diameter: 8 inches
Pitch: 4
Color: grey


This 5-inch paddle is very violent, the wind area is large, good balance, the root to strengthen the super-fried, mini-machine competition, practice preferred!

Safety arming feature: regardless the throttle stick position, the motor will not spin after battery connected.
Throttle calibration: throttle range can be configured to provide best throttle linearity, fully compatible with all market available transmitters.
Programmable items:
Brake setting: brake enabled / brake disabled.
Battery type: Li-xx(Li-ion or LiPo) / Ni-xx(NiMh or NiCd).
Low voltage protection mode (cutoff mode): gradually reduce the output power / cutoff the output power.
Low voltage cutoff protection threshold (cutoff threshold): low / medium / high.
Start mode: normal / soft / very soft.
Timing: low / medium / high.
Reset: reset all the programmable items to their default settings.
Full protection features: low voltage cutoff protection / over-heat protection / throttle signal lost protection.

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*Price is for Single propweight=10g

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