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  • Emax Outrunner Motor

    Emax BL2832/05 kv805 RC Brush-less

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    Attributes of Emax BL2832/05 kv805 RC Brush-less Out-runner Motor Pull Upto 3.1kg Specifications: Model: BL2832 Cell count: 4S RPM/V: 805 Prop (APC): 13*6.5 RPM: 9100 MAX current(<60s): 69A Thrust: 3150g No. of cells: 4*Li-Poly Stator dimensions: 30*32mm Shaft diameter: 5mm Weight: 210g/7.4oz. Recommended model weight: 2000g-4000g Recommended prop without gearbox: 13*8 14*7 Recommended model: Airplane…

  • Emax CF2822 1200Kv

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    Attributes of EMAX CF2822 1200KV Specifications: No. of Cells: 2-3 Li-Poly RPM/V: 1200 RMP/V Max. Efficiency: 82% Max. Efficiency Current: 7-16 A (>75%) No Load Current / 10 V: 0.9 A Current Capacity: 16 A/60 s Internal Resistance: 150 ohm Stator Dimensions: 22×10 mm Shaft Diameter: 3 mm Weight: 39g Recommended Model Weight: 200-600g Description:…