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  • AC-DC Adapter 12V 5A

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    AC,DC Adapter 12V 5A Power Supply for led strips, CCTV security cameras etc. Convert AC 100v-240v to DC 12v. High quality adapter.

  • RC hobby flight 22

    All in one simulator

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    The rc hobby flight supoorts XP, WIN 7, WIN 8 and WIN 10 system, and is compatible with Wireless simulator FPV Freerider software.
    The simulator gives you real world flying experiences from your PC. It has switches for dual rates, retracts, and a knob for flaps. Mode 1 and Mode 2 are available.
    2.4Ghz Wireless simulator ,Connect with USB port cable and no batteries is required.

  • ESC Servo Tester

    Digital ESC Servo Tester

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    Description: CCPM Servo Consistency Master / Servo tester The device also can be used as a signal generator for electric speed controller (ESC), then you can test your motor system without using a transmitter and receiver. There are 3 modes to check Servo Esc Tester Circuit: Manual mode: turn the knob with different speed, check…